Episode 334: Navigating Menopause with Dr. Mary Claire Haver

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Dr Mary Claire Haver
Dr Mary Claire Haver
The Catherine Plano Podcast
Episode 334: Navigating Menopause with Dr. Mary Claire Haver

What if everything you thought you knew about Menopause was wrong? How would that change your perspective? Menopause, a transition in a woman’s life that can bring about significant changes, can be a daunting experience. In this episode, we’re going to explore the latest research, expert insights, and real-life stories to help you navigate this phase with confidence. Join us as we discuss how menopause affects women’s physical, emotional, and mental health and discover practical tips and strategies to manage symptoms and improve your overall wellbeing. Whether you’re going through menopause or supporting someone who is, this conversation is a must-listen for anyone looking to demystify this transformative stage in a woman’s life. Enjoy!

About Dr. Mary Claire Haver

Dr. Mary Claire Haver is a Board Certified OBGYN near Houston with a passion for women’s health. After realizing traditional advice for weight loss wasn’t effective for menopausal women, she developed The Galveston Diet, an online program with over 100,000 students, and a book released by Penguin Random House. The diet focuses on an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition, with an emphasis on intermittent fasting. Dr. Haver is also certified in Culinary Medicine and opened Mary Claire Wellness in 2021, integrating patients’ medical history, symptoms, and nutrition programs to provide personalized care.

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