Episode 131: Simple Mindfulness Daily Practices with The Spiritual Owl

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The Catherine Plano Podcast
The Catherine Plano Podcast
Episode 131: Simple Mindfulness Daily Practices with The Spiritual Owl

Born in London, England, Bianca – The Spiritual Owl – is highly regarded as an Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Mindfulness and Motivational Speaker, Author and Producer.

The Spiritual Owl uses wisdom to clarify the gifts inside us all. Her message of love, peace, hope, empathy, kindness, understanding and raising consciousness, and compassion – flows through every aspect of her work.

Bianca has spent many years traveling the world, developing her spiritual path under leading masters in Eastern, Western and Native American practices and traditions. After a devastating accident and subsequent life changing healing experience, she went on to experience her own enlightenment to follow her true spiritual calling.

As an Intuitive personal and business spiritual guide, The Spiritual Owl, offers inspiring, valuable, motivational and transformative insight into how to incorporate simple mindfulness daily practices into your life.

Using ancient spiritual principles and philosophies, to clear energy blocks, support and empower people from all walks of life, on their own unique journey. Helping them to discover their authentic selves and reach their fabulous true potential with harmony and balance, to lead the fulfilling lives they’ve always intended.

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Episode 131